The Gupta leaks: quo vadis?

It is exhausting yet strangely exhilarating to watch the #StateCapture saga unfold. From the revelations four years ago about the Waterkloof Airbase being used by the Gupta family , and the many, many iterations and amplifications of improprieties and alleged corruption that have ensued in the interim. Unethical and harmful actions and inactions that significantly threaten South Africa’s economic, social and environmental sustainability. Then of course *cough* there is that small matter that precedes all of this – Jacob Zuma’s interesting relationship with Schabir Shaik.

Over the past couple of years, South Africans have been informed by Vytjie Mentor, Mcebisi Jonas, and a number of other whistle-blowers – people such as Themba Maseko as well as the ‘state capture whistle blower‘ (see also this article on Trillian); – about alleged attempts to influence governance and ministries by the Gupta family and their companies as well as supply alleged insider information on #NeneGate among other happenings and misdeeds.

The State of Capture Report, compiled by the outgoing Public Protector, Advocate Thuli Madonsela, alleges serious corruption at various State owned Enterprises (SoEs) – news that has apparently been supported by numerous reports over the months – reports compiled by the ‘uncaptured’ media and also a fascinating and revealing report by a group of academics entitled Betrayal Of The Promise: How South Africa Is Being Stolen“.

Now the leaked Gupta emails!

All of them. Hundreds of thousands of emails that appear to have been communications between the Guptas – and/or their representatives – and an incredible array of top government officials, ministers and even Jacob Zuma’s children. Possible proof of Dubai connections and residences, possible proof of insider information, possible proof of gross interference in confidential government affairs by an extended syndicate. All this, yet so much more. Already the denials are flooding in, Malusi Gigaba, Collen Maine, and co. are hotly and flatly denying the information. The Gupta’s ex-spindoctors, Bell Pottinger, have been extremely quiet on the matter, despite what appears to be some rather damning email evidence of their alleged complicity in a number of aspects of state capture.

Already so many connections and confirmations have been made through the information contained in this extensive leak of information. One might reasonably expect that the Public Protector (PP), the National Prosecuting Agency (NPA), and the other various agencies of state would be hard at work preparing charge sheets and a number of folks would be getting arrested. But, NOPE! The NPA and PP are conspicuous by their absence.  Missing in action other than for thinly veiled threats against whistle-blowers and mutters about prosecuting those responsible for the Gupta email leaks.

Where to from here? Wait for 2019? Hope that the uncaptured media and the various uncaptured politicians remain strong in the face of a relentless and syndicated effort to break down the lawful governance of this beautiful country?

I think not. Hope hasn’t helped us thus far – and it is hardly likely to help now. It must be time for action.

This is a time to pull together – stronger than before. A time to work towards an ethical governance of this country. There is a long road ahead. My gratitude and wishes for strength go to those who presently are fulfilling the work that should be carried out by our government. These are the journalists and investigators who are tirelessly pursuing the manifold webs of deceit, corruption and lies that have captured our country.

We must attempt – as voices raised in writing and on the streets – to get those in the government who are not yet captured, to heed the call. To hop off the fence and to stand together for justice and rightful governance. Many have already shown their allegiance to this country and their dissatisfaction with the state of capture. Make their voices strong by supporting their quest for true justice and sound governance.

Whistle-blowers unite! Send your information to the Mail & Guardian’s investigative unit Amabhungane. I wish that I could suggest you contact the Public Protector – but sadly someone else got there first!

Aluta continua! Let us work together towards a society that spends its budget on eradicating poverty – focuses on rapidly narrowing the inequality gap – and actively serves all the needs of its poorest citizens with as much fervour as they deserve!

Unlike the incumbent – and thoroughly inept – president of this country, let’s put South Africa FIRST!

Header image: From the State of Capture report (2016)

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Breaking: Draft revisions to the Criminal Laws Amendment Act (Act 43 of 1978)

Disclaimer: Yes – the first part of this post is indeed satirical. There is no such Act – no such amendment – if you felt yourself getting irritated or agitated or aghast at the thought that your personal loss of a physical item, such as a car, or a piece of jewellery might be viewed soon as being your own fault – with the criminal who took it not being to blame – then next time you read about a person being raped – do NOT excuse the rapist. Please.

Draft revisions to the Criminal Laws Amendment Act (Act 43 of 1978)

NOTICE – Government Gazette notice of 28 April 2016- GG: 39506.

Comments are invited for the proposed revision of the Criminal Laws Amendment Act (Act No. 43 of 1978; hereafter CLAA). Closing date for comments is 3 August, 2016.

In summary, the revision of the CLAA proposes, inter alia, the following:

i) Where homeowners, business owners or others who are alleged victims of a criminal act (hereafter ‘victims’), were found to have been negligent (in any manner) in the protection of their assets – the alleged criminals shall not be prosecuted and the case dismissed. This includes any person/s who owns assets in a known, ‘high-crime’ area; person/s who visit a known ‘high-crime’ area; person/persons who drive through any area known to be high-risk areas for, inter alia, hijacking, etc. These alleged victims are willingly in these places and it can thus be concluded that they have actively participated in the loss of their assets.

ii) Where victims are found to have displayed their wealth or possessions in any manner that attracts the attention of criminals, the alleged criminals – who merely took fair and legal advantage of this display by taking some, or all, of the assets thus displayed – shall not be prosecuted.

iii) Where victims are found to have been drunk, or otherwise incapacitated, they will be deemed to have been negligent [see (i) above] and arguably willing participants in the loss of their own assets.

iv) Where victims prove to be inadequate witnesses to the alleged crimes – e.g., through inexact recall of the timeline of the alleged crime, etc., the case shall be dismissed with all costs falling to the victim.

v) Where no evidence of visible, or documented and state-verified, injuries can be produced by the alleged victims, it shall be assumed that they were willing participants in the removal of assets.

vi) All alleged criminals shall be protected to the full extent of the law, including withholding of names in press, social media and all other forms of public media. Any person who violates the right of alleged criminals shall in turn be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

vii) If the alleged victim withdraws charges for any reason, they shall be prosecuted for violating the rights of the previously alleged criminal.

viii) Where alleged victims manage to prove that they were incapacitated by alcohol and/or any other medium of drug by the alleged criminal, they will be found to have been negligent, [see (i) and (iii) above] and thus willing participants in the alleged crime.

ix) Alleged victims of alleged crimes may be named in any media. They shall not be protected by law.

These amendments of the CLAA seek to redress the existing shortfall of rights for those who are allegedly criminals and to ensure that alleged victims do not falsely accuse others of crimes without absolute, documented proof that they were unwilling participants in such alleged activities.

Next up
Draft revisions to the Rape Survivor Amendment Act:
Rape survivors have no rights…

Dedicated to all those survivors (female and male, old and young, past and present) – survivors of this heinous crime of torture called too simply ‘rape’ and which sometimes hides behind the euphemism ‘sexual abuse’. Simple names for complex and atrocious crimes of torture, which have manifold ‘faces’ and manifold impacts. No one – it seems – is too young, or too old to be subject to these crimes. New born babies, teens,

Many courts, judges and juries stand united against rape victims, justifying rapists’ actions and vilifying rape survivors. The time has come for us to stand together – united against those who prey on others.


It is all so simple really.

• Unless someone indicates REALLY CLEARLY that they want to be part of a sexual act – then that is RAPE.

• ‘Sex’ with an underage female or male is not sex – it is RAPE.

• ‘Sex’ – with someone who is incapacitated, and is thus unable to indicate whether they want to partake – is not sex it is RAPE – it does not matter if it is your partner or spouse and you “think” they would have said “yes” – it remains RAPE.

• “No” means “NO”. It is an indication that anything further will be an act of RAPE – at very least sexual abuse or sexual harassment.

• Touching anyone sexually is unacceptable – irrespective of the circumstances – unless that person is wholly willing to be touched. If you are uncertain, ask – DO NOT ASSUME ANYTHING. Stop right there and preferably apologise.

While I accept that there are VERY infrequent (and incredibly irresponsible) charges of rape, and/or sexual abuse, and/or sexual harassment, laid at the door of innocent people (male and female) – just as there are those infrequent and incredibly irresponsible cases where, for example, people falsely claim theft for insurance purposes – the overwhelming majority of rape charges are likely to be true. Excusing rape crimes – using phrases and excuses such as:
“Boys will be boys!”
“What did s/he expect – dressing like that?”
“It was in the heat of the moment!”
“S/he was drunk – it was her/his fault!”
“S/he led him/her on – s/he was asking for it!” etc., ad nauseum…

… is not something that the judiciary or the public should continue to condone or entertain. Nobody asks to be raped. People who wear sexy, or revealing, clothes might be asking for attention, but that does not invite sexual aggression, just as the person who drives the new Ferrari down the road, or the person who flashes their new gold watch is not asking anyone to steal it. Why should a crime where a person’s most basic right is violated – their right to personal dignity – be treated with less respect than the person whose flashy trinket is stolen? Why should the victim be less than the aggressor? Why on earth would someone defend the person who is solely responsible for not controlling their aggression? For rape is a crime of aggression, a crime of anger, a crime of oppression, a crime of power, a crime of torture – it is NOT sex – it is a violent crime.

Sex is an activity engaged in by two (or more – if you swing that way – not my bag but you’re welcome to play) CONSENTING ADULTS! Get it? Over the age of consent AND consenting. Anything else is rape!

Many/some people who feel as angry as I do about innocent victims of rape, nonetheless actively and gladly condone – even advocate rape. Shocked, horrified, think I have lost it? Those who gleefully rub their hands together thinking – or even saying out loud – that the paedophile or rapist will ‘get’ what is coming to them in prison at the hands of the prisoners. Those who believe that rape is a suitable punishment for rapists – is that you? No one should be raped. Rape is a heinous crime, no matter who the victim might be. Rape arguably perpetuates rape.

Written in anger – written with anger – written in despair!

Disclaimer: Yes – the first part of this post is indeed satirical. There is no such Act – no such amendment – if you felt yourself getting irritated or agitated or aghast at the thought that your personal loss of a physical item, such as a car, or a piece of jewellery might be viewed soon as being your own fault – with the criminal who took it not being to blame – then next time you read about a person being raped – do NOT excuse the rapist. Please.

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No place

There is no place on this planet horrid enough for a scumbag like this ‘father’ – the Denneoord (George, southern Cape) serial child rapist and child pornographer.

A person who regularly, brutally and knowingly abused the trust of his own children, his children’s friends and their parents.

A mere 37 life sentences with parole possible in 25 years? This is better than the cotton-wool sentences that have been handed down to the child pornographers and paedophiles recently sentenced, but what will it take until these excuses-for-humans understand that enough is enough? What will it take for the judiciary to stand strong on these crimes?

Beyond my comprehension – beyond my capacity to understand. I also quite simply can NOT understand how any other adult living in that household could possibly have remained unaware that there was something untoward happening? Any ideas? Or was that what finally tipped the balance – that another adult in the household noticed that things were bad?

Forgive my speculation please and also please accept my deepest empathy if you and/or your loved ones were victims of this – or any other – rapist and/or paedophile.

If you notice that something is wrong with your child after visiting a friend’s house – make sure, in the gentlest possible way, you find out what is going on. Protect your children folks – these criminals look ‘normal’.

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Rant of the day: Divide and rule – well played Zuma

Jacob Zuma must be laughing fit to burst! “He he he he he.”

There is so much division in this beautiful country and he, and the corrupt antics of those taking advantage of the absence of leadership, exacerbate it by the minute. Then racists and chauvenists and bigots from all quarters pour boiling oil into the growing chasms of suspicion and hatred – hastening the great divide.

It is essential is to ensure that the ruling party – which IS the #ANC (like it or not) – understands that they have an obligation to unite against a rising despot and to lead South Africa.

Lumping the entire ANC with Zuma is not helpful – since it immediately places them in his court and on the defensive. Include the obvious cronies, the obvious ‘yes men’ and arse-lickers – but many, if not most, ANC supporters are essentially good people (much like most of SA’s citizens) who would like to live and work towards a better future.

ANC members (I used to be one) and supporters (I am still one – but not for much longer unless they start exhibiting ethical leadership) – much like most South Africans – need to feel that they can unite against corruption and despotic leadership.

I am fairly sure that I am not alone in feeling this way. Even though very few of the ‘upper echelon’ have stated their anger – the cracks are beginning to show.

Let the ANC know that they have public support – let them feel empowered to make a decision that could swing this country towards a more united path. Jacob Zuma is a dangerous man whose tactic is to surround himself with a cadre of ‘Yes Men’ at the expense of the ANC and at the expense of the country.

This is no longer about party politics – this is about survival. South Africans desperately need to pull together to make this country work – we each have a role.

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Zuma – the loose cannon – about to backfire

Zuma head1


Jacob Zuma is a loose cannon, a despot-in-making, a desperate man. The ANC desperately needs to reimagine their ideological stance on:
‘support the leader no matter what’
and reinvest themselves in unifying and cohesively, ethically running South Africa.

Those in Parliament and in the ANC’s NEC who morally and ethically disagree with him (in my opinion quite correctly) over corruption, nepotism, irrational leadership, graft, abuse of public funds, etc. etc. (the list is worryingly lengthy) are largely too scared to do anything about their moral stance because they are terrified of the potential for ostracism or worse.

Tragically – this illogical fear is just that. Illogical. If the ANC leadership allows Zuma to continue business as usual they (and South Africa) will end up in a worse place than being ostracised by Zuma and his close circle of yes men, boot-lickers and arse-wipers – because this country is a Titanic, figuratively “minutes” away from collision.

On the other hand, if enough of the ANC leadership – who have retained a firm moral compass – stand together and recall him, ensure that (as an ex-president) he finally faces his time in court, and work together to salvage the damage done over the past seven and a half years [by this hopelessly inadequate and untrustworthy charmer who is unable to ethically lead a party, let alone a country] there might still be hope for South Africa to rescue and repair some of the critical aspects of a strong and thriving economy.

Only a very few are standing up and stating their distrust and disgust. So disappointing! So destructive! The irony is that the scrabbling to cover up Zuma’s bad choices (in order to ‘save face’) is actually having the opposite effect. Chasing away long-time supporters and party members who can NOT believe that this once proud organisation can condone, support and facilitate downright criminality.

Zuma has made it abundantly clear that the ANC comes first – before  South Africa. His actions have shown that he puts himself and his own whims before anything else.

The time has come to recall this man from the presidency. The time has come to put an ethical  leadership in place that is fit to govern.

In my opinion there is presently no political party in the country, other than the ANC that I believe is more fit to govern South Africa than the ANC. There is also no political party that has a better constitution than the ANC . I am an ex-party member of the ANC. I still have my expired membership card. I voted for the ANC in every election, local and national since 1994. This will change.  I can quite simply not support a political party – no matter how good the majority of the representatives – no matter how strong and compelling the constitution – that does not ascribe to ethical leadership, moral courage and justice in governance.

Jacob Zuma – you are the weakest link. Goodbye.

#ZumaMUSTFall, #RecallZuma, #ZumaMustGo, #FireZuma, #ZumaFinance, #SAA, #DuduNyeni, #Nene, #NukeZuma, #ZumaSAA, #Zuma, #PayBackTheMoney, #Nkandla, #ZumaShaik

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Insurance policy religion

I spotted something on Bookface the other day. It wasn’t new, seen and heard it many times before, but somehow it resonated more loudly than usual. Resonated atonically, even discordantly. Rattled my jaw and got me feeling queasy. Something along the lines of:

“Rather die having lived a life as if God exists and find out there is no God, than die having lived as if there is no God and find out that ‘he’ does exist.”

Gah! Pure insurance policy religion. Where is the joy in this? Where is the part of “I am living this way because I want to and I am determined to do these things because I have a desire to be the best I can?”

Take your insurance policy religion to another door – it is not welcome here. If you are offended by my sentiment then that is your right – but go and be offended someplace else. I am offended by folks who believe they have a right or a religious obligation to try push me into living as if there is some invisible being that might punish me in this life or the mythical ‘next’ life. I choose to be the best I can because I want to, not for fear of punishment.

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Open letter from a Mom; updated 6 May, 2017

Updates to this original post have been posted at irregular intervals as postscripts.  In general, these updates tracked the ‘original’ group of paedophiles arrested during August 2013 in South Africa – through the efforts of Operation Spade, but some ‘new’ information about child pornographers, paedophiles and other child abusers in South Africa has also been posted from time to time.

This blog article is likely to end soon – with the last of the original group found guilty and his imminent sentencing. The Nelspruit private school ex-principal, Neil Malherbe, who was scheduled to be sentenced during January 2017, is now set to be sentenced on 14 March 2017. Malherbe has relocated to the Eastern Cape and apparently will not be attending his sentencing hearing – because it is too costly (I have to bite my tongue really hard with that!).

The Daily Dispatch and Lowvelder report that ex-principal Neil Malherbe has been sentenced to a nine-month suspended sentence. Malherbe will not be allowed to work with children and his name will be placed on the Sexual Offenders Register.
A “slap on the wrist” describes it well.

More will be written – the horrors faced by so many children are ever present. One of the things that I have come to realise over the three years of updating this blog and reading about children and the paedophiles is that I really do not know how the police officials and journalists who pursue these cases, day after day, manage to clear the demons and the horrors of the crimes from their mind. Even though I have made every attempt (e.g. Google safe search with just about every screening device turned on) to shield myself from any of the images – just reading about an iota of the sadism that accompanies some of this paedophile porn and getting a bit of an understanding about how many of the paedophiles justify their child torture (because it is NOT sex) – has driven me to a state of immense and desperate sadness at times. To any child out there – young, mature or old – who has endured a paedophile’s “attention”, I send my deepest love and wish you peace.

You will know who you are. No investigation is needed to identify you. No arrest or court appearance is needed to place you quite squarely in the role you choose to follow!  You are the person who looks at yourself in the mirror every day – and you know. It is because of people such as yourself that I have to regularly warn my children not to talk to strangers and to run as fast as possible from a threat.

It is on your shoulders that my children should be learning from me that they are allowed to use, or do, ANYTHING  to stop someone else doing anything to them that they (my children)  feel uncomfortable about. That they should not trust anyone – ever – unless there is a really sound reason for that trust. Except, one should think that certain professions might be above reproach. That all people who choose to work with children are doing so out of genuine love, not out of lust. Sadly – not true.

How dare you?
How dare you! You active paedophiles who knowingly become teachers and school principals and doctors and lawyers and other so-called “professionals” who have regular access to children and abuse that privilege. You criminal parents who have – and abuse – your own children. You people who knowingly place, and have placed, yourselves in positions of trust. You, who build and polish your public reputations while abusing the very children who are told to trust you.

HOW DARE YOU? It is because of you that I kick and reprimand myself for sometimes looking at men (and even some women) whom I know well and love and trust because I catch myself wondering whether they can truly be trusted with my children’s safety. It is because of you that some people who are utterly  against the death penalty are arguing for its return. For me, death is too good for someone who could (and does) abuse a child’s trust, a child’s body, in the ways you do. Another reason I would argue against the death penalty for paedophiles, is that it would potentially result in even more children dying in the “clutch” of the abusers.

Do you belong in society at all?
My anger, my deep and acute rage – at those of you who would dare to abuse anyone, but especially children, for your own criminal gratification and financial gain – has consumed me.  My greatest wish is for all of you active paedophiles to be thrown into a dark hole and forgotten.

Yes, I understand some of the psychological and physiological aspects, that many – or at least some – paedophiles have themselves been abused as children and/or that there may be a variety of chemical imbalances, even some genetic traits that predetermine a yearning for “sex” with little children (“sex” in inverted commas – because the word is actually abuse – not sex). Yes, I understand that these things have been kept under wraps for many centuries and that the explosion of modern media (coupled with a grasp that child abuse is unacceptable) is now highlighting the plethora of issues. I understand that the extent of the problem is now being raised in stark relief, but DAMMIT, why on this earth should you believe that you can continue working with children, when you MUST know that you have a problem that is bigger than you.

Your self-pity and excuses are no good!
Don’t argue that …”because you were abused… blah blah blah” or “I can’t help it…” – that is not good enough! That does NOT hold water! You can actually choose not to be an active paedophile. If your sexual preference was for oak trees – we would think you were extremely strange – but no oak trees will get harmed by your urges. Get it through your unbelievably thick skulls – it is children being harmed here! It is wrong, it is criminal, it is socially unjust, it is WRONG!

Why on this earth should you – as an adult – feel that you have any right to abuse children, even tiny babies, sexually? It is quite beyond my capacity to grasp why any “adult” human might want – or believe they have the right – to sexually molest a child – or be gratified (in any way) by seeing anyone else doing so. Nonetheless, I am forced to accept that some people do experience these tragic urges. What remains incomprehensible is that the reality (of how ghastly, reprehensible and thoroughly wrong the whole thing is)  does not immediately lead to that “adult” making absolutely sure that they do not ever act on the “feelings”, or take their own life or at very least seek earnest and immediate help.

Leave children alone!
I so sincerely hope that if you have already succumbed to your desire to enact your urge/s, you will find it in your dark criminal self to remove yourself from any contact with children – all children – permanently.

Don’t you get it? Leave children alone!
Paedophiles – LEAVE OUR CHILDREN – and your own children – ALONE!! Don’t make your ghastly fantasies their worst nightmares. I would wish that you could live your life alone in your own dark hell – except that you already do and you choose to take children in there with you – and that is the last thing I could possibly ever wish to have happen to any child.

Leave children, all children, out of your perversely abusive “sex-life” and seek assistance before you become a criminal by acting on your urge to abuse a child – or using child pornography where you think (incorrectly) that it is someone else who is abusing the child therefore you are not doing something wrong. Think again! There are other ways to use the internet – for help, not for child abuse!

Thank you!
I humbly, and extremely gratefully, applaud police efforts – all the various  task forces – those whose incredibly grim work it is to sift through the evidence and follow the trails to find you.  Strength and courage to them. I don’t think I would, or could, ever have the strength to do that kind of work. It would send me into a dark and deep sadness or turn me into a Dexter-style vigilante – or both.

Thank you too – to those who do live with these urges, yet control them stoically and responsibly. Congratulations to those who live with these urges yet, because you have conquered them, work relentlessly to pursue those who do criminally pursue the life of an active paedophile.

Related links: The first link has been finally been removed by the school – despite having been posted online for over a month. It read along the lines “Mutual agreement to terminate employment of Neil Malherbe, Head of Penryn Preparatory School Penryn College confirms that a mutual agreement has been reached with Mr Neil Malherbe that his position as Head of Penryn Preparatory School be terminated with immediate effect. The agreement follows his arrest for allegedly being in possession of child pornography…” – School press statement More people to be investigated Principal sacked – yet another one of many Pedophilia / Paedophilia An inconvenient truth? Is it possible to resist acting out your impulses? Ends…

Rather than continue to write more articles on the same topic – here follows a series of updates on the progress of the (unproudly) South African “contribution” to the global child porn network:

Postscript: I mentioned my anger and sadness to a friend as well as the gist of this post – then at draft stage. Their retort (and their anger) was fairly clear and ran along the lines of: “These people have no conscience. If they kill themselves – it is for fear of punishment only – remorse cannot possibly enter into it, since no-one with a conscience would be able to do such ghastly things in the first place. I think I agree. LEAVE CHILDREN ALONE! GET HELP! URGENTLY! Before it is too late for you, but more importantly for that child or those children you and others like yourself abuse. If you have already succumbed – don’t let the fact that children have already suffered to slake your urges stop you – GET HELP and stop this. You are the only people who can actually really stop this from happening. You are the only people who can be proactive. All the rest of us – can only react and our reactions will be severe. Who can blame us? These are our children!

Postscript 2: Since posting this, it has come to my attention through social media (as well as through several news items) that one of the teachers arrested recently – a 62 or 63 year-old (the oldest of the “6”) – who was retired, was working with his wife at a creche! Distressing beyond belief. This man (information also through tweets, etc.)  appears to have been a teacher at Grey College and at St. Andrews during his teaching career as well as at “Laerskool Fichardpark” (Fichardpark primary) and also at “Laer Meisieskool Oranje”. He has been released on R2000 bail. Almost unbelievably, one report in the press noted that the creche is still operating, this despite the fact that this man has been released and is presumably present? The principal (award-winning author, water polo coach, etc.) – whose name has been mentioned numerous times in social media – is out on R1000 bail? Say WHAT!? These men’s names are not yet being made known in general media. And will not be until such time as they have offered their “plea” in court. Strength to the police teams in tracking down the rest of the criminals who abuse children…

Postscript 3: Found this interesting: ” “Johannesburg, Feb 23, 2003 (Sunday Times/All Africa Global Media via COMTEX) Prestigious Anglican institution rocked by second round of allegations FOR years, an elite boys school in Bloemfontein had a tradition it considered run of the mill: its learners were photographed “skinny dipping” on away trips. So innocent were these outings considered that St Andrew’s even published the “nude” photographs in its magazine. But on Wednesday, everything changed. The school’s 56-year-old chaplain, Father Mike Keep, was arrested on charges of possession of child pornography. Police seized eight photo albums, 36 computer discs and an unknown number of videos at his home on …” etc. – so St. Andrews Bloemfontein has been there before? Here is the News24 article

Postscript 4: (21 October 2013): One of the original “six” picked up in the global porn ring has been named in the press – Andries Johannes Venter

Postscript 5:  (1 December 2013) Regarding the now ex-school principal (award-winning author, water polo coach, etc.)  from White River:  the man was apparently fired by the school board after his first court appearance and his replacement has already been found (I know the replacement personally and he starts at the school early in 2014) . He appeared in court on 22 November and, according to this report: “The prosecution presented the court with a letter from the director of public prosecutions in Pretoria, which read: ‘Due to the large quantity of the evidentiary material involved… the investigating teams are awaiting the finalisation of various reports.'”

The ex-principal is expected to appear in court again on 14 February 2014. I guess this might indicate that folks are no longer wondering whether he is guilty or not but rather just how deep his guilt might be? So much for simply having purchased a DVD on Amazon as he claimed…

This investigation is linked to the ripple effects of Project Spade. Strength to your arms and minds – you men and women who are working to find these paedophiles!

Postscript 6: (11 February 2014) The Rapport Newspaper (note – this link has subsequently been removed – presumably because they were not supposed to release all the names) has furnished details (with photos) of most of the men initially accused of being part of the child porn ring in South Africa, as well as expected court dates. According to the Rapport article these are: Gregory Robinson (46) – former teacher at Carletonville Neil Malherbe (49) – former principal at Penryn Preparatory Andries Venter (46) – businessman from Roodepoort Bert Viljoen (54) – former head of Lichtenburg LegalAid Fred Human (63) – retired teacher from Bloemfontein and, an as yet unnamed businessman from Douglasdale. The dermatologist has also yet to be named.

Postsript 7: (15 February 2014) So, the almost deafening silence from the press in this matter is broken once again. News24dotcom carries an article that notes that trial of the Mpumalanga ex-school principal has once again been postponed. Further, that “new charges would be added to the charge sheet when the case resumed on 18 March“. On the face of it, this sounds rather dire, yet what of the possibility that the existing charges are not valid and that other charges – e.g. of possessing “banned literature” are to be laid? Certainly, a certain someone with a “fake” FaceBook account – who appears to know him – is asserting that this is in fact the case. Time alone will tell. In the meantime – the trials around the country have highlighted the issues and horrors of child pornography. We, as parents, need to remain vigilant and ensure good communication with our youngsters, to ensure that we can protect them from those with evil intentions.

Postscript 8: (6 March 2014) The case against ex-teacher Gregory Robinson has been moved to the Regional Court – according to this article by the Beeld Newspaper earlier today.

Postscript 9: (22 March 2014) The trial date for the Mpumalanga ex-principal (and award-winning author) has been set for 26 August 2014 – according to Times Live and Maroelamedia 

Postscript 10: (11 June 2014) The cases against Gregory Robinson and Bert Viljoen are moving slowly forward according to a May 14 report in Die Beeld. Robinson, who has not yet pleaded and his bail has been extended, is due to appear again on 13 June 2014. It is alleged that numerous pieces of evidence were found in his possession.

Postscript 11: (26 August 2014) With one of the members of the global child-porn ring sentenced, during late June 2014 to a rather (in my opinion) light sentence of “R20 000 suspended for three years” – the trial date for the Mpumalanga ex-principal (Neil Malherbe) has supposedly arrived with SAFM news tweeting yesterday “The trial of a former private school principal, charged with possession of child porn, will start in the Nelspruit Regional court today.”

Postscript 12: (28 August 2014) The Mpumalanga ex-principal’s trial has again been postponed. apparently until early 2015…

Postscript 13: (30 August 2014) A report in MyLowveld confirms that the trial of a “man, who was the head of a private school near Mbombela” has been postponed to February 2015.

Postscript 14: (21 October 2014) It appears that ex-teacher Gregory Robinson has pleaded guilty to charges (or a charge) of possession of child pornography, and will hear his sentence today. The same report by OFM indicates that Bert Viljoen (former head of Lichtenburg LegalAid)  will appear again in court in February 2015, also on charges of possession of child pornography.

Postscript 15: (25 October 2014) Well, there’s a rap on the knuckles with a feather for you! According to a 21 October OFM news report, Gregory Robinson has “received a four year sentence, which was suspended for five years on provision that he not commit a similar transgression in that time. ” That surely will make him know that he is a very naughty boy!

Postscript 16: (24 November 2014) This very disturbing article notes that during the first week of November 2014, Dirk Renier Crous was “…sentenced to five years’ imprisonment, found unfit to work with children and placed on the sexual offenders’ register.

Postscript 17: (3 February 2015) My teeth are grinding with the latest developments of “Operation Cloud 9”. Two weeks away from the trial date for the Mpumalanga porn-principal, I read of the computer engineer in Plettenberg Bay with a penchant for infanticide and torture as a means of erotic stimulation if reports are to be believed?

Every time I think I have heard of a new low- some humans just ensure that I know it has not yet been reached. Infant snuff-porn. Too phenomenally base and unspeakable! Just NO!

Postscript 18: (20 February 2015) The case against the Mpumalanga ex-principal has been transferred to the “SAPS Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit’s head office in Gauteng” according to this article in yesterday’s Lowvelder. His bail has been extended and the trial postponed until March 19. Further, a Netwerk24 article notes that the Lichtenburg lawyer’s trial has also been postponed – until early July.

Postscript 19: (19 March 2015) Well, today is the day that the Mpumalanga ex-principal is supposedly back in court. No news as yet, but I thought it of interest that the last week or two, this blog post has been receiving a much higher level of traffic than usual. WordPress being its usual helpful self – the statistics also provide an indication of search terms that lead folks to this post.

Over the last week, these were the primary search terms leading to this blog: neil malherbe, porn, court appearance; neil malherbe, court, trial; and neil malherbe, porn trial. Guess there are a few other folks out there who want to hear whether a certain Mr. Malherbe pleads innocent or guilty and whether justice will be served?

Postscript 20: (20 March 2015) – A brief update from the Lowvelder. It seems we will have to wait until Monday 23 March 2015 for more news.

Postscript 21: (9 April 2015) – …and it has once again been postponed. The Mpumalanga ex-principal has been ordered to appear in court in person on 16 July, 2015 (tick – tick – tick – tick) – according to this report in the Lowvelder.

In the meantime, a number of other arrests linked to child pornography have been made in South Africa. These include the arrest of a child-pornography “kingpin” in Grahamstown. This man apparently owns guesthouses in Grahamstown and Port Alfred and, according to neighbours, spent a great deal of time on his computer. This must feel like the aftermath of being hit by a shockingly lewd and abusive gatecrasher for the quiet Grahamstown and Port Alfred communities. He has been named as Anthony R. Evans (53) in a number of American news articles yet – having done a little hunting around – I have more than a sneaking suspicion that his first name is incorrectly spelled in these news articles.

Until such time as the “kingpin” is named in the South African media – I will not state who I believe the “kingpin” ghoul to be – for apparently he has three children (see the “Heraldlive” article above) – which pushes my other buttons: those buttons capable of evoking deep sadness for the innocent families (parents, brothers, sisters, children and extended families) of those who create, watch and are otherwise involved with the horrific trade in child pornography. The families of these monsters are victims too of this ghastly “enterprise”. Not perhaps as much victim as the innocents who are filmed, or their families who have to live and deal with the fallout, but victims nonetheless.

Postscript 22: (26 April 2015) – South African child-porn “kingpin” named as one Antony Evans, 53, from Grahamstown in this article from Dispatchlive. Evans is expected to appear in court on Tuesday, 28 April.

Postscript 23: (27 May 2015) – The next court appearance of Neil Malherbe (reportedly living – hiding – in Cape Town), ex-principal of an Mpumalanga primary school, scheduled for 16 July, will hopefully provide more information on the depth of his involvement in the international child-pornography ring.

Thus far three members of the ring have been sentenced, Charles Ashford, Gregory Robinson and Fred Human. Not one of them has received much more than a “naughty boy” sticker – fines and suspended sentences. Little interest has been shown in these cases by the media, who in general appear to have been more interested in chasing after celebrities than in following-up on crimes against children.

One aspect of Malherbe’s “past” life that has been neglected is a hint (via personal communication) from someone who knew him as a teacher in the Eastern Cape – that he was possibly a little more familiar with his pupils (particularly those in the water polo teams) than he should have been. I wonder whether any other people have, or will, come forward with information or whether Malherbe too will simply be let off with a mere slap on the wrist?

The issues here are so complex – most of these men have knowingly – intentionally – placed themselves directly in occupational contact with children – as educators or in other circumstances where they are in daily contact with children. Simply “not allowing” them to be in contact with children from here on (or for the duration of their suspended sentence) is laughable. Actually – it is “cryable”.

Yes, paedophilia might be an affliction (or it might not) but – in my opinion – any paedophile who acts on their urges – even just viewing childporn – is committing a crime – since the object of their desire is underage children.

This month is Child Protection month. Where is the real protection for our children? The Grahamstown child-porn “kingpin” – Antony Evans – appeared briefly in court on Tuesday 26 May and will appear again before the High Court on 29 May (The Herald). According to the same article in the Herald, Evans claims to have an addiction to child pornography.

Postscript 24: (1 June 2015) – In a relatively fast process, Antony Ronald Evans has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. He “entered into a plea bargain with the state” according to a South African Police Services Media Statement published on 29 May this year.

Recent top searches leading to this blog article included: penryn prep headmaster arrested, port alfred headmaster arrested.  …Jus’ sayin’…

Postscript 25: (27 July 2015) – Bert Viljoen has been sentenced, according to an article in Netwerk24. The article (in Afrikaans) refers to his receiving a five-year suspended sentence. More later. Still awaiting the outcome of the court appearance of the Mpumalanga ex-principal – scheduled for 16 July. The report in Netwerk24 notes that Viljoen – former head of a Lichtenburg legal aid centre for youth – acknowledged that he used magazines to make child porn.

And news just in… Neil Malherbe pleads ‘not guilty’ – no surprises there… A report by Helene Eloff in the Lowvelder on 27 July 2015 notes: “Mr Neil Malherbe, former principal of Penryn Preparatory School in White River, pleaded not guilty to a charge of illegally possessing child pornography in the Nelspruit Regional Court. He appeared in court a week and a half ago, about two years after his arrest in 2013.

Honestly now – does this (below) seem right to you?
Gregory Robinson: 4-years, suspended for 5 years
Bert Viljoen: 5 years suspended
Frederick Conrad Human: 5 years suspended
Charles Martin Ashford: R20,000 suspended for 3 years
Renier Dirk Crous: 5 years

Postscript 26: (4 March 2016) – During the latter part of 2015 – on 30 October – it emerged (reporting by Helene Eloff from The Lowvelder) that ex-principal Malherbe’s legal team were challenging the warrant for his arrest.

News just out (reporting again by Lowvelder Court Reporter, Helene Eloff) is that:

…(M)agistrate Ms Venessa Joubert ruled that the warrant had been legal and the search on Malherbe’s home was therefore authorised.

According to the most recent Lowvelder article by Ms Eloff, “(t)he case against him will now continue on  July 18.

April 8 2016 – an aside
Top searches for folks finding this blog article:
neil malherbe porn ring, neil malherbe trial, ex penryn college principle with largest collection pedaphillia in the world (sic).

August 29 2016 – Neil Malherbe’s case was postponed until 31 August.

Top search terms today for folks finding this blog article:
“neil malherbe pornography trial”

November 3 2016 – Neil Malherbe found guilty of child pornography

Stand by for an announcement in the Friday 4 November edition of the Lowvelder.

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